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Bird Dog Logo

A Revolutionary Approach to Automotive Experiential.

The Power of Experiential Marketing Meets the Precision of Programmatic Advertising.

More Targeted

Driven by data to find your unique audience.

More Flexible

Activations precisely when and where you desire.

More Affordable

Minimal start-up costs and pay-for-performance pricing.

See What BirdDog Can Do For You

Unrivaled Targeting Technologies

BirdDog is powered by actionable intelligence that helps us locate and be relevant to your audience. Our technology micro-targets the exact locations at which to activate, market-by-market, neighborhood-by-neighborhood. 

The Pillars of Bird Dog


Our targeting technologies provide actionable insights and precise location data on your prospective buyer.

Efficient and Effective

Focusing the spend on transformational product experiences by eliminating the waste associated with most experiential campaigns.


A simple and seamless purchase process making experiential more accessible and responsive than ever. A pricing model where you only pay for performance.

Intelligence Process

Audience Personas

First, we conduct DMA level research using social media interest data and machine learning to identify key personas.

Places Categories

Next, we determine the categories of venues that are of interest to and attract our audiences.

Opportunity Zones

Then, we look for areas that align with dealership proximity and target demographic population volume within areas of interest.

High-end, nimble design

Tailored creative

Highly trained staff

Personalized experiences

Potential Applications

National New Model Launch

Multicultural Campaigns

Sustainment for Core Models

And More!

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